Calibration Dosimetric Laboratory

A Calibration Dosimetric Laboratory certified by the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Methrology functions on the basis of Sibmer Co Ltd. The Laboratory performs dosimetric certification of the equipment for radiation therapy, equipment for luggage and merchandise examination, calibration of measuring devices – the systems of detection of fissionable and radioactive materials.

Examination of the safety of nuclear facilities or activities in the field of atomic energy use

The department of certification and technical expertise of our company, on the basis of a license from Rostechnadzor, provides the following services:   Examination of design, engineering, technological documentation and documents substantiating the provision of radiation safety…

Integrated servicing of the systems of radiation control

ibmer Co Ltd is the official partner of Vlibor Systems company, a certified supplier and service center of Smiths Detection GmbH, SRK, CEIA, STI companied. The specialists working at our company were trained on the basis of Vlibor Systems company.

Integrated technical maintenance and servicing of the equipment for radiation therapy

Sibmer Co Ltd is engaged in the integrated technical maintenance of the equipment for radiation therapy for more than 20 years. Our partners are the plants manufacturing gamma therapeutic apparatuses: Ravenstvo Public Corporation, NIITFA Public Corporation, Isotrend Czechia, the enterprises of FSUP RosRAO, Russian Medical Scientific Centers. The enormous experience and high skills of specialists allow our company to solve almost any problems in this area.

Transportation of radioactive substances and radioactive waste

Our company, on the basis of Rostekhnadzor’s licenses, provides services to operating organizations on the transport of radioactive waste, radioactive substances and radiopharmaceuticals by specialized road transport.